Jennifer Karlsson a 30 Years old swedish/german girl. Born and raised in a small town in Sweden. But as soon as I could I started traveling, I just love exploring the world and experience different cultures. I’ve lived  in Miami, LA and Barcelona, but right now I’m back in Sweden.

I’ve been part of 3 Swedish tv-shows and 2018 I was one of the winners of Paradise Hotel ( one is still airing)

I am a Dj, songwriter and producer. I released my first single 2018 called ”Falling for you feat. Alice Fors”. It has been played over 300.000 times on Spotify and made it onto Viral 50 Sweden. I love music and I’m planing to release more music in the future.

I’m currently working on 2 new projects. I really hope I can introduce them to you soon.

I blog about my life and my passions.

xxxx Jennifer